Several quotes (french, double, german ...)


I copypasted my project from Papyrus Autor to Scrivener. Papyrus Autor is using per default the following quotes: «Du fliegst», flüsterte Alberto dem Mond zu, «du fliegst und alles wird sich ändern.»
Scrivener for Windows seems to use default ".

Is there a way to run a search trough all folders and files and replace with a single action all quotes from one version to another one, means from « to " or vice versa?

Regards and thanks,

Edit > Find > Project Replace should do what you want; you can also load all the documents in a Scrivenings session and use the regular find/replace tool to swap the text just there. Projet Replace is not undoable, so you may want to use File > Backup > Backup To… to save a backup before you run the replace, just in case you discover after the fact that you replaced some marks that you didn’t want to.

Thank you for your response. Yes, this was the function I was looking for.
Many thanks,