several sketches in one project - every sketch should automatically have its title included as headline when exporting

Hi everybody,

as I am digging deeper and deeper into the possibilities of Scrivener, I am now facing a problem I can’t find a solution for. Maybe somebody here can help me – I am trying to use Scrivener to write several comedy sketches (skits?) in one project and have them all titled correctly when exporting. I created an explanatory test project attached below. If somebody has a hint how to manage what I am describing there (hopefully understandable), I would be grateful. If I am simply expecting too much from Scrivener in this case or if it isn’t worth the efforts for the result, I will be fine with that, too, of course - in this case I have to somehow manually get the pages of the individual sketchs headlined or save them all as separate projects. This gets quite specific, I guess … :slight_smile:

Thanks a thousand times in advance!
Template Sketch (178 KB)


You can use dynamic placeholder tags in headers and footers during compile to make file or folder names appear on each page – see the sample project and PDF attached.

I don’t know of a way to reset section page numbers. Someone else might.

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Template Sketch Comedy.pdf (34.3 KB)

Template Sketch (182 KB)

Can’t you just add <$sectiontitle> to the page header for this? This will put the title of the document that appeared immediately after the last page break at the top of each page (so you would also need a page break between your sketches rather than an empty line).

I have just noticed a bug, however, whereby if “Fix script elements that flow across pages” (and possibly “Avoid widows and orphans”) are ticked, the header may revert to the project title rather than showing the section title as it should - I’ve fixed that for the next update. (This only affects Print and PDF, though - it should work fine for .docx export.)

You can use <$n> to add a number prefix to document titles, e.g. in the “Title Prefix” area of the Section Layout in Compile. That won’t appear in the headers, though. If you want it in the headers, too, you will need to add it to the actual titles in the binder.

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Thanks a lot, both of you, for your hints – I’ll try everything you’ve suggested out! Man, I love Scrivener so much … All those years, I’ve used it only its basic features (which already made things a lot comfortable for my writing), but now, as I am more and more discovering everything Scrivener is able to do in detail, I get obsessed to create my templates, export etc. exactly as I need to without having to do any additional work. And the great thing is that Scrivener really is able to do all this. Loving it!

Thanks again for the help, really, really appreciated!

EDIT: Wow, JoRo – just downloaded your modified project file – that’s EXACTLY the perfect way! Unbelievable, you are my master … THANKS!

Not deprecated?

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Thanks for the kind words - glad you’re finding it useful!

Also, just to clarify following JoRo’s post, <$sectiontitle> and <$pageGroupTitle> do exactly the same thing - <$pageGroupTitle> is in fact the newer name for it (to avoid confusion with “Section Types” and “Section Layouts”, so it’s probably best to use that, but both work.

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Thanks so much to you, too, Keith – this is really helpful, By now, Scrivener gets so helpful for me in a dimension I never expected it to be!

Thanks, Keith, for explaining about the placeholders.

zivilars, regarding the wish to have discrete page numbering for each compiled section, the developer has confirmed that Scrivener doesn’t have such a setting. See the thread linked below:


Glad the sample project helped a little.

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Hi JoRo,

thanks a lot – the discrete numbering for every single document of a project, compiled all together as a “collection” in one bigger PDF/DOC, would have been helpful (in my case) for comedy sketch writing, when you compile a bigger document with ten sketches or so, but every discrete sketch starts with “1” on its first page – especially when one or a selection of those sketches is printed out later and used on their/its own without the others. However, this is no big deal for me, I’m fine without this function, too – the autonom labelling of every sketch title was much more important to me. You’ve really helped me a lot, all my job templates seem to be perfect now. Scrivener is an amazing program and I’ll hopefully keep on learning even more functions in the future. Will take the time to learn what other placeholder tags may do for my workflow next.