Several stories one project

I wonder if there’s a way to do this.

I have a folder under Scrivener top-level folder (i.e. at operating system level) called Short Stories. Under this I have one folder for each short story, and each folder includes a .scriv file. So I have a short story called Chris. This is in a folder Scrivener Projects/Short stories/Chris and includes Chris.scriv.

Now I have a series of stories about a fictive village. So far I have one .scriv file and have called each ‘scene’ by the name of the appropriate story and done my editing of an ODT file to give each story it’s appropriate name. Otherwise it comes out with the name Village Stories.

But I wonder if there is some way, within a Scrivener project to arrange so that, when I compile the short story Miss Pelham’s Boyfriend, it comes out with that name, and not Village Stories.

Do I make myself clear?

The point is I only want one Research section, and one Characters and one Locations section. After all at least some of the Characters and all the Locations are the same.


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