Severe lag in

Product: Scrivener (Version: Beta (955095) 64-bit - 13 Jun 2020)
Platform: Windows (Windows 10)
Name: Eli Jacobs

Bug description:
I am suffering from a significant lag as I type. So much so that it is making it difficult to write. I have rebooted and checked my system resources. There is plenty of CPU and Memory. No heavy apps are running and nothing is being downloaed.

Steps to reproduce:
Just start typing…

Additional comments:
Let me know if there is any kind of debug log I can save and send you.

How big is your project?
Is it split up into small documents or large documents?
Do you have images in the draft documents?
Do you have many inspector footnotes or comments?

More information helps.



I’d recommend you check your autosave interval at File > Options > General > Saving. Default is set quite low as I recall. Mine is set to 55 seconds of inactivity, and if I ever lose so much as a paragraph with that value, I’ll just write a better one.

Rgds - Jerome

Looks like you’re experiencing more or less this: [url]]

I haven’t found a way to fix it on my own, yet