Severe Problem

I am writing a scientific paper. Macbook
Since a few days my introduction is always “reset”. I tried several times saving my project with another name. Every time I reopen it, the introduction is reset to a previous version, only a few words. I stopped sync with external folder, although the version in the external folder is correct. No effect.
Other changes are correct, only this part, introduction is always reset. It is boring. :frowning:
Project itself is stored locally on my macbook.

Thanks for any ideas. Peter

Very strange. Tried several times, even with a totally new project.
Finally opening the introduction.txt from the old backup in pages and then copy paste to new project seems to work.
Maybe I worked on introduction.txt on another computer making changes with wordpad. May cause this strange result.

Absolutely! Not a good idea, as it can screw up your whole project. If you edited the file in your .scriv project using Wordpad or other external app, the changes you made would not be logged in the various files keeping your project in order.

Something to try if you find yourself in that position again is to “rebuild the search index”. Page 452 in the Manual, accessible from the “Help” menu.


Mr X