Share a Scrivener Project

Need help!

I am trying to share (As in download this project into your version of Scrivener [same version as I have] and see how I am organizing it.) one of my Scrivener projects with a colleague. He would make no changes.

We are both using Dropbox and he is receiving my copy but neither of us know how to continue with getting it to load into his copy of Scrivener.

How would he open my project in his copy of Scrivener?

As always, thanks for your help. :smiley:

He’d open it the same way he opens any other project, either double-clicking the .scriv file or using “Open Existing Project” to browse for and select it. If you’re putting it up on Dropbox as a zip folder, he’ll need to double-click that first to open it and extract the file, and it might be more convenient if he does that by copying the .zip out of Dropbox first to the desktop (so it doesn’t go through the entire unpacking inside Dropbox and start uploading a gazillion files that then start appearing on your computer too). You’ll also want to make sure, if you’re working on the project straight from Dropbox, that only one of you ever has the project open at a time. Even if he’s not making changes, as he clicks around and loads different files in the project it will still be updating the project file itself, which could cause problems if both of you are working at the same time. So ensure that he’s going to be looking at it and working at a time when you aren’t using the project, and then when he’s finished and has closed it, you can open it up and work.

Scrivener will give you a warning about the project already being opened, so if you get that in this scenario, it’s good to pay attention to it and double-check with the other person. If it’s a zip file that he’s extracting from, then that is a new copy of the project so it’s safe to ignore that warning when he opens–it just means you created the zip while you still had the project open.

Wow Jennifer (MM)! Thank you very much for your reply and ROI (Return On my INVESTMENT in Scrivener). No one can touch you all for the customer care you provide.