Share assets between projects

I’d like to be able to share folders, especially Research, between projects. Also keywords, e.g lists of characters.

Alternatively, provide a facility to copy or import these.

We’ll be adding a way to link to any Scrivener project item using a URI, which means just about anything that can hold a hyperlink (even a web page) can link to individual items in your projects—and that of course means all of the places in Scrivener that can hold links. We’ll also make things automatic with References, when the feature is implemented, so that you can drag an item from one project Binder into another project’s References pane to get an external link created.

As for “sharing” resources between projects there are no plans for that. The only minor exception will be a way of linking to items from the Binder, instead of fully importing them. That isn’t implemented yet, but in that way you could share a common pool of resources between projects by keeping the original file outside of the projects entirely.

Thanks. That all sounds promising.

Not sure if this is what I am looking for : But need to ask.
I want to link one Binder (Project) to another Binder. I have a Binder for all my planning and ideas. I want to link this to the Binder where this is actually being worked on. Is this possible ?
I know this is an old post but thought I’d ask it here in case I’m overlooking something.

This thread predates Scrivener 3, which introduced the universal linking mechanism AmberV describes. Section 10.1 in the (Mac) manual, “Linking Documents Together,” discusses the many options for linking between and within projects.

Thanks. I’ll have a look.

Found it. Thank You.