Share Button?

One feature I find myself wishing Scrivener had was a “Share” button like most Apple apps have now. Here’s how I envision it working: The user clicks a draft folder, document, regular folder, or document group in the Binder. Then they click the “Share” button in the toolbar. A menu drops down—Email, Airdrop, Instant Message, Facebook Group, etc. The user chooses one of these options. Then a dialog sheet appears, with a space for an email address and some message text, along with a button marked, of course, “Compile Settings…”, which lets the user customize the file (and type of file) that’s being sent. Folders would be emailed or attached to messages as zip files, preserving the folder structure beneath, as would document groups. (The user can also opt to choose “New Scrivener Project from Selection”.) This would be a quick and dirty way of facilitating collaboration on projects between Scrivener users. Any thoughts?

“Share” is available in the contextual menu. Select some text, Ctrl-click on it, and select “Share” from there. (There’s also the Twitter share button for sharing your target achievements in the Project Targets panel.) The OS X sharing capabilities aren’t very advanced - they just allow you to send text to one of the services. Injecting a Compile panel into that wouldn’t work with the standard Share frameworks, and would be more than most users would want anyway, but, as I say, the standard Share features are already in there.

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