share doc between multiple outline sections or folders

I asked if there was a way to do this last year and was told no. So here I go making sure it is in the official wish list…

I need a way to have a single document appear in multiple outline sections or folders throughout Scrivener, such that if I edit it in one folder it will appear edited everywhere (as opposed to putting separate copies in different places that have to be edited separately as is now the case).

BTW, for unix programmers/users, this feature is the equivalent to the unix ability of having files in different directories be “hard linked” to each other.


Sorry, but this one isn’t on the to-do list. However, Scrivener 2.0 will have a way of collecting documents in different collections (and even compiling them) - although the same document won’t be able to appear in different folders in the binder.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

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A possible way to do this? Just a suggestion.

Already the program seems to be able to search keywords. What if you could have the keyword binder I suggested where all keywords are listed in the binder as in the keyword HUD. Then when a user clicked on a folder of a keyword name (only one as in the HUD outline)–a search would load all docs with that keyword.

Since a document can have more than one keyword, the document would appear in more than one folder.

The keyword binder could then be used to structure documents as in the regular binder (but maybe this would be a whole lot more programming).

That sounds suspiciously familiar. Please don’t cross-post. :slight_smile: