Share extension for bringing in text files from NEBO

I use the Nebo app with the Apple Pencil and find it great for drafting ideas off the top of my head in a cafe with a coffee or for taking down notes by hand in a brainstorming session. I convert to text and then export to Dropbox which I then bring into my scriver app which syncs up with the desktop so it is an ok way to do it. I would love a share extension though so that I can directly bring in the text files to scrivener without mucking around with Dropbox files so much.

Ideally the Scrivener app would do what Nebo can do as well but that is probably asking too much.


I would be willing to pay for such an extension. Nebo is the best hand-writing software on the market.

An alternative and possibly quicker way:
Write in Nebo.
When your done, open Drafts 4 in split screen. (Swipe up, drag to split screen)
In Nebo, share as text with Drafts 4, which creates a new document (or appends to an existing). (three taps)
In Drafts 4, open the new document, use an ’action’ to send it to Scrivener’s Scratch Pad, residing in Dropbox. (three taps)

On your desktop, open the ScratchPad and include the text where you want it.