Share files between mac ios to windows 10

My wife writes on a mac and I format on a pc. We have tried saving the file directly to Dropbox and but on the PC we can’t see the file in Dropbox. HELP???

Are both devices looking at exactly the same folder inside Dropbox?

This guide should help with specifics… … g-with-ios

Are you and your wife using the same Dropbox account, or do you each have your own?

If it’s the latter, then you need to research how to share a dropbox folder with another user and work from that shared folder. You say your wife is using “mac ios”, which is a little bit of a contradiction, but I think you mean she’s using an iPad or an iPhone (these use the iOS operating system), and not a Mac laptop or desktop computer (the “Mac OS” runs on these)*. If she’s really on and iOS device, I recommend that she share her sync folder with you if you’re using different accounts.

If your intention is to use the same Dropbox account (and therefore, sync all the same files and be constrained by the same storage quota), then verify that the Dropbox application on both of your computers is actually logged on using the same Dropbox username and password.

[size=85]* Apple is the company. Mac/Macintosh is the laptop or desktop computer, and they use the MacOS operating system. iOS is the software for running most other types of devices, like iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. It’s an important distinction when asking for help–especially with regard to Scrivener. Scrivener for iOS is very different in appearance and feature set from Scrivener for MacOS.[/size]

[size=85]Pssst… The Apple TV runs TV OS and the Apple Watch runs the Watch OS. None of them runs iOS, which is only for iPhones and iPads.[/size]

Actually TVOS and watch OS are variants of iOS as is the software that runs the touchbar on the MacBook Pro not that you could run Scrivener on any of those :smiley:

… with “variant” meaning it’s not really the same. Two things having the same basic foundation doesn’t make them the same thing, which you will learn if you try to run a normal car engine built for gas on diesel oil…

Which is why I stated you wouldn’t run Scrivener on them, the point was core is the same.

IOS vs Android would be a more apt comparison with petrol vs diesel. :smiley:

iOS and Android isn’t based on the same foundation, whereas petrol and diesel are: they’re quite similar in chemical composition and both based on oil.

Shit the same, the important part of this exchange is: don’t confuse OS X and iOS. A Mac is a Mac and an iPad is an… iPad. :slight_smile:

Oops. I had just assumed that they were different skins on the same operating system, like GNOME vs. KDE on Linux, only for more extreme variations in hardware interfaces.