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I’m curious how people are using MultiMarkdown with Scrivener. I know the Scrivener manual itself is the canonical example, and I’ve started trying to study how it works. I’ll be back with more questions at some point. What about regular customers? What do you use MMD for? Any advice you’d like to share?


P.S. There is a whole forum for MultiMarkdown topics here. I’ve taken the liberty of moving your posts over here as they will be better seen by those who use the system. You’ll find a ton of advice here, as well, already written up.

Wow. Wish I had noticed this forum a month ago…Better late than never, though. Thanks!

So, I ended writing a python script that slurps up a Scrivener-generated MMD file into a hierarchical data structure with all the pieces you might want it to have, and then it runs multimarkdown on each individual document, fixing links so they work across documents (which will end up as separate html pages), and then uses xmlrpc to upload the whole thing to WordPress (as either new pages or edits of old pages as appropriate.)

Was I crazy? Is this something other people would want? It’s brand-new, rough and idiosyncratic, so premature to share, but I’m just curious if other people have done similar things or had thought about doing similar things.