Share menu in macOS version

I do 95% of my Scrivener work on my laptop because it has all of the features I need, while the iOS version is fabulous for small edits and re-reads. But the iOS version has a truly awesome feature that I’d love to see ported over to the macOS version: the Share sheet that allows for one-click exporting of a single document as a PDF, Word, RTF or Plain Text file.

I frequently export scenes and chapters to send to my best beta reader, and it’s easier to do so in iOS than on my laptop. I long ago memorized the keyboard shortcut for this command on my laptop, but I still always have to reselect the destination (which defaults to where the project is stored, but that’s not where I want to export my test files – they go to my desktop to facilitate easy attachment to an email or text message) and then manually shift that file to either a new email or into Messages.

Compared to the smooth, satisfying function on iOS, the multiple steps necessary on my laptop now feel like a kludgy workaround. On top of that, there is no PDF option in the single-file export function – to do that, I have to kludge around more by printing as a PDF.

It’s extremely rare that I ever wish for something on iOS to be ported over to macOS; it’s usually the other way around. But this sure would be nice.

I like the Print Current Document command for this sort of application. It will print whatever’s in the editor pane – either a single document or a multidocument Scrivenings session – to a PDF file.

The closest equivalent to what you’re looking for on the Mac is probably the Compile function. Use the Original preset and you’ll get the output as it appears in the editor: you can ignore all of the Compile options except the Contents listing.


The Print Current Document command is what I was referring to when I said “I have to kludge around more by printing as a PDF.” The limitations here are that after pulling up the print menu, I must then select Save as PDF, then choose the destination, which will always default to the location of the project, which is never where I want an exported test file to go. It wouldn’t be such an issue if my destination selection would just stick, rather than always defaulting. So if we can’t get a Share menu in a future version of Scrivener, could we at least get the ability to have our print destinations stick? That would take care of things nicely.

The Compile function is even worse for printing a single test scene or chapter, because if I want a current word count of my manuscript, I need to have all scenes/chapters in the project selected in Compile/Contents. Therefore, using the Compile function would mean I’d have to deselect every item in the Contents listing, then select the single one I want to print, then wait for the compile to occur, then open the Compile pane again, then re-select every item in the Contents listing in order to re-attach all parts of the ms to the word count function. And then go through all of that again the very next time I want to export a single scene. That is an immensely worse kludge than having to constantly reset the destination of the Print Current Document command.

Coming back to retract one part of my above statement: the Print Current Document command does have access to Share-menu-like options; I just didn’t see them because the “Mail PDF” and “Send PDF via Messages” are buried in a longer list of things I never use.

Thus a quick Command+P shortcut, a click on the “PDF” button, and a second click on “Send PDF via Messages” does the job nicely. It’s not as clean as a Share menu, but a lot cleaner than what I was doing. Thank you for incentivizing me to take a closer look at those menu options!

Also, on compile, you can select the document(s) you want in the binder, and then in the drop down menu above the options pane in the Compile Dialog, scroll down and at the bottom you will find “Current Selection” … no need to go ticking and unticking boxes.

Sorry, I can’t put it better than that, as I’m not at my computer at the moment.