Share on IOS

I just installed the IOS version of Scrivener but cant figure out how to share a image/url/text clipp/whatever with Scrivener. Scrivener does not turn up anywher in the Share menues. Is there a hidden trick to activate it, or does this functionality not exist?

AFAIK, Scrivener iOS does not support being shared to. The developer, Keith, explained why in this post:

If the file you’re trying to move to Scrivener is a .docx file (from Pages or the like) you can use Open In… to get it to Scrivener. You’ll need to work from Scrivener for everything else.

In Scrivener, you can import from Photos directly, import a web page directly if you copy/paste the address, or import from the camera. For everything else, you’ll need to use a two-step process.

First, save the document to someplace Scrivener can access. Many people have used Dropbox (since a great number are using it to sync with Mac/PC anyway) as a transfer mechanism. by the simple means of keeping their Scratchpad folder (from Mac or PC) there. The problem with that is that you can’t use Dropbox as an intermediary without an internet connection. For transferring stuff without an internet connection, I’d suggest saving it to the Files app > On My iPad > Scrivener (at the top level of Scrivener.)

After that, use the import function from your Scrivener project to get the document to where you need it to be. Once it’s part of your project, you can delete it from the Files app.

Thanks! That answered my question. I think I will just dump things in Devonthink and then move them to Scrivener later.

Sounds like a plan! You’re welcome!