share/sync my projects/documents in progress with everybody

Hi, I’m looking for a way to share my projects/documents in progress with friends or an audience that don’t all have Scrivener. Could you please help?

I’m writing songs in Scrivener and its great. I live stream my songwriting process and would love to be able to share certain pages/docs of the song as they are being created. If people could write comments on it, that would also be great.

Basically, I like to use google docs to open up the writing process and share it collaboratively. Google docs does this well bc its free and everybody can get a link and write a comment. But I’ve been using Scrivener mostly because it has really good Scrivener links, organization etc that google docs doesn’t offer.

Is there any way that I can share/sync some of the projects either with google docs or dropbox or squarespace or anything like that while still maintaining my organizational structure (and not having to re-create all the links etc) and making it viewable to people that haven’t bought Scrivener?

Thanks, Dan