Sharing a single document?

In my project I have a lot of documents and I am looking for a way to only share a single document as a scrivener file, not the complete project. How do I do this?


Just select it in the Binder, and use File/Export/Files….

But will this export as Scrivener format?

Create a new Scriv project. Then just drag the doc from your source project into the binder of the new one. This will copy that doc to the new project. Voila! Now you have a scriv project that has a copy of just what you wanted to share in it.

If you do this kind of sharing regularly, you might just keep a basically empty project around for the purpose, deleting old shares from it and dragging and dropping into its binder the stuff you needed to share out at the moment. It would be important, though, to empty the scriv trash on that project before sending it to someone, in order to actually remove old shares.


Ah, yes sorry I misunderstood what you meant. The procedure described by Greg is best. Export is for when you want to create a copy of a file using a specific format that other programs can read.