Sharing a single file with another Scrivener user?

I have a Scrivener project with hundreds of folders and files. I want to send a many folders & many subdocuments to a group of other users so they can each pop them into their own (different) projects. How do I export them in the format most likely to be reconstituted in Scrivener exactly as I have them?

For example, ten folders that each contain twenty folders that each contain up to 20 documents each. The structure is important, but they could recreate it if they absolutely had to; it’d be a pain, though. What’s the best way to do this? Thanks for your thoughts!

There is not a specific way of doing this. Of course you have the File/Export/Files... command, but this is more for getting out to non-Scrivener users, or as a backup. While you can turn on meta-data and notes export, this will be done using “sidecar” files. It won’t be very seamless. The best thing that I think of for you to do is to create a new blank project and drag and drop all of the stuff you want to share, over into that new project. This will do a pretty good job of retaining everything. The structure, meta-data and even snapshots will be carried over. You could then Zip compress this project and send it to everyone, and let them know they can open that up alongside their projects and drag everything over to bring them in. In short, you’d be using a smaller “transfer” project to handle the delivery.

All of this assumes that actually passing the .scriv file around itself would not be feasible. From what it sounds that wouldn’t be the best solution as you have a number of people to work with concurrently. Ordinarily that would be the best solution—either that or putting it in a shared folder via Dropbox or similar, where everyone could load from the same project but only one person at a time could do so.