Sharing between windows and mac versions?

Is this possible?

Yes, the project format is compatible, there are a few areas where things don’t match up quite perfectly yet. The compile settings will be different on each platform, so it would be best to choose one to use as your main compilation platform so as to not waste time setting things up twice. Interface settings (like pins on card, outliner columns, etc) will be different on each platform. You’ll also want to stick with using inline annotations and footnotes on both platforms, since linked notes in the Inspector are not yet in Windows.

You don’t need to do anything special to share a project with a Mac user. The whole .scriv folder is what you need to share, so zipping it up will be necessary if you are using e-mail or FTP to share it.

There’s still a bug with inline annotations going between Windows and Mac, so on any annotations created or edited on Windows, you’ll see the RTF code when you open them in the Mac version rather than seeing them as true annotations. There’s a workaround for the Mac-user here until this is fixed (it’ll be corrected by the official Windows release).

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I’ve got Scrivener set up on my Mac and on my Windows 7 machine with the shared files in DropBox. If I create a project in Windows I can open it on the Mac and re-open it on the PC (by using the .scrivx file). If I create a project on the Mac there doesn’t seem to be a scrivx file for me to open on the PC, so I can’t open any of my old project files from the Mac. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

How old are we talking about? Version 1.x of Scrivener uses a different project format that is not compatible with Windows, and it will not have a .scrivx file. These old projects will need to be updated to the 2.x format using the new version of Scrivener before they can be shared with Windows.

Problem solved, I had to Save as… a couple of 1.x projects in 2.x - then the scrivx file appeared and I can open them on the PC. Thanks :smiley: