Sharing book with writing coach

My clients are using Scrivener. Can I open their books via Email or Dropbox sharing?
Thanks ahead, Katie

There is no problem with sharing a project via email, I’ve done it a couple of times without any issues, other than minor glitches due to cross platform sharing. (Win → Mac. Mac → Win.)

Although: be aware that the version you’ll have will past this point be having a parallel “life of its own”.
What I mean is that this version is a project in itself.
If you both work on it at the same time, you’ll both end up with each your own different version. If you want to end up (and keep “synced”) with matching versions, you’ll have to ping-pong it back and forth as you each take turns working on it.

As for cloud sharing, it works too. But if you plan to use sync, then you’ll both be working on the very same version of the project (as should be), → but you can’t both work on it at the same time. (As in don’t do it.)
→ For this I am no expert. All I can do is warn you about it. Someone I’m sure can and will provide further info on the matter.

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Thank you Vincent. Proceed with caution, I hear you. I am read only at this stage thankfully.

Make sure your exchanges are of a zipped version of the project so to prevent possible corruption.
It is not essential, it’ll still work without the files being zipped, until one day it possibly won’t. (With variable degrees of potential regret.)
It’s best practice to zip.

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The other thing is discuss how want to display edits. Changes with comments vs snapshots vs rexision colors or just send notes and make sure include dates in backup name as well .

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Another thing to consider … what format do YOU want when reading/coaching and perhaps adding comments to text? Do you want to use Scrivener, or perhaps your authors send you some other format that suits your need, e.g. RTF for using Word (or other word processor), PDF for reading/commenting or perhaps even making a paper copy to write-up comments and edits?

Just because they are using Scrivener to write doesn’t mean you have to. From your post I’m not sure what you may want.

The people I work with don’t want to know anything about Scrivener and instead work with their preferred tool and give me back their comments embedded in their working document (as RTF, Word DOCX, scanned paper … whatever they prefer). Then I, as author, go through and make the changes I agree with or those that spark my realisation of doing even something better. I don’t expect or want them editing my Scrivener source.

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Agree with that, but can give a copy of the project to edit without touching the original. I understand most editors do not use Scrivener.


Thank you @GoalieDad. Good to know for when I start editing.

Thank you @rms. My authors love it and I am also authoring with it. I am not editing at all at this stage and save comments for verbal exchanges, but understand that would be a challenge.

Thank you @Vincent_Vincent. Zipped via Dropbox worked well.

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