Sharing custom icons with iOS Scrivener

I recently moved some custom icons (for use in the binder) from the “Icons in Project Package” to the “Icons in Application Support” section in Scrivener on my Mac, so that when I dragged a file from one project binder to another, the same icon would be available in both projects.

Turns out, this means that my iOS view of the project lacks those icons I’ve installed on my Mac.

Is there any other solution to sharing icons between the Mac and iOS (and Windows?) versions of Scrivener, other than moving or copying those icons back into the project package? Any plans to allow using sync services to share them between all platforms?

The iOS version only shows icons that are built-in, so won’t support custom icons you add to the Mac yourself. The trouble is that they look terrible. Icons are 16x16 on the Mac, but 30x30 on iOS, so they look, really, really bad…

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