Sharing document templates across projects

Hi, I have “played” with Scrivener for about 6 months and am now using it for several projects in a serious manner. I have been through the tutorial in detail several times, but am stuck on a few points.

I have created a project and made a new template document within it. I now want to create another project, and use the same document template. It doesnt appear on the template list.

Is there any way I can import the document template to new projects or should I be able to save it somewhere to be used across all projects?

many thanks

Document templates are just like any other files in the binder, made special only by their presence in the Templates folder. You can drag and drop them from one project’s binder to another’s to copy them, and by dropping them into the Templates folder they’ll automatically become document templates. If you don’t already have a templates folder in the new project, you can create one by selecting a folder or document in the binder (create a new one for this if you want) and then choosing Project > Set Selection As Templates Folder.

Brilliant, thanks Jennifer. I was getting too close to it to see the [now] obvious logic.