Sharing experience of Scrivener

I love Scrivener and I want to buy it as soon as available! :smiley:
I tried Writer’s Café for about a year and find it very useful to organize my writing projects, but now I moved to Scrivener (trial version for Windows).
The only thing I see for now is to be able to add a Save button’s icon in the main bar.
Also I write in French, so of course it would be nice if I could customize the language.
Very intuitive use most of the time, and I discover new functions all the time and tools and new ways of working and it just encourages me to go on with my writing, which is very nice too!
I must admit I’m a bit uncertain if I risk losing my files in any way once the trial has ended (!?), but I assume I will be able to buy Scrivener before. :unamused:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about needing a save button - Scrivener auto saves every few seconds - you can change how often under tools/options. If you back up your Scrivener folder regularly you’ll have no problems with that, either.

Camy :slight_smile:

I agree about adding a Save button. Yes, Scrivener automatically backs up, but only after a period of inactivity. I recently lost work when Scrivener crashed. I now save frequently. A Save button on the toolbar would offer convenience and peace of mind.

There is already a manual save function which, as pointed out, most of the time doesn’t do anything since the project is already saved—but if you want it, it’s there. :slight_smile: Ctrl-S just like in most applications; or use the File/Save menu command.

Edit: Ah, I missed that you are already aware of that and use it. I’m not sure if putting something like this on the toolbar is a good thing. Every menu command cannot be in the list, and this isn’t really a core feature for most people (who probably pause more than you, and so have less to lose if there is a crash). You could try reducing the auto-save frequency to 1 second and see if that improves things.