Sharing "favorite styles"

I’ve been working on a Scrivener template for the new APA version 6 manuscript format, and it seems to me that the easiest way to implement the template will include a suite of “favorite styles”, a.k.a. “ruler styles”. I looked around and I couldn’t find any straightforward way to share a set of these styles, so I wrote an Automator app, basically a glorified shell script, to facilitate it. I’ve attached the current version, which seems to work OK in fairly light testing on my Leopard system, along with an APA6 styles suite. The app is called faveStyles. A “suite” of styles is defined by a shared prefix such as “apa6” for each style (e.g., “apa6pp”) and for the plist file used to share them (e.g., “apa6-styles.plist”). The app can “get”, or copy out, a suite from the current user’s global preferences and store them in a plist file, or can “set”, or copy in, a suite into the current user’s global preferences from a plist file. It uses the “defaults” command-line utility to do this.

Well, if you’re interested, take a look at it and let me know what you think.

Greg Shenaut (227 KB)