Sharing files between Mac and PC - losing compile settings

I’m helping with the creation of a short story anthology, which entails sharing the Scrivener file between myself (on a mac) and another person on a PC. I’ve created a project preset, and in ‘compile / formatting’ I’ve set the text files to use Garamond. However, when I send her the file, she says she can’t find the preset (and she knows where to look). In addition, all the text files in ‘compile / format’ have reverted to Courier.

Does anyone know why the fonts should change?

And where does the Mac version of Scrivener store its project presets?

Is there a way to share them? I’ve tried the ‘export’ function but this creates a .plist file which is OS X specific (I think) - and sending this to her will probably confuse matters even more.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Moderators - can this be copied to or made visible in the PC section as well? I might get an answer from there, or the same issue might crop up in that section.

Found my own answer (hate it when that happens):

tldr: Macs and PCs can’t share compile settings. Yet.

Glad you found the answer. Yes, because of differences in the Mac and PC compile setups, they currently use different settings. We will be moving to a unified underlying XML format that will be the same on both in the future.