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Hi all!

Quick question. I’m using Scrivener at my newspaper job, but have hit a snag when sharing a document with my editor.

She also has Scrivener on her computer, but when she opens my documents, the folders close up, rulers vanish, tint color is unchecked — basically it’s as if it’s a whole new document.

Is there a way around this, i.e. to keep the look of the doc as I see it on my Mac?


The “look” of the project is saved locally to your computer, under the path of the document - that is why this happens. This is standard for programs on OS X. One main reason is that when you pass it to another computer, the other person might have a different sized screen, for instance, so the window may not fit on their screen. The way the expanded state of the binder is saved, and the window sizes, is all via Apple code that saves it locally to your computer. However, you are not the first to mention this, and I may well look into revising the way this works for 1.5 and 2.0, and make it more project-based.

Perhaps store settings like color tints in the document while leaving problematic elements, such as the window size, to default OS X functionality?

Might there be a way to clone (there’s that awful word again, Keith… apologies) the file that stores the “look” parameters and then send that along with the Scriv bundle?


Thanks for the reply Keith. I figured this was an OS X issue, but thought I’d check any way.

Tim, there is a way, but it is rather awkward. You would have to send your Scrivener preferences file along with the Scrivener file, and then instruct the person to place the project file in precisely the same location as you have it. And then, that is all of the preferences. A wee bit of overkill. There is a hackish way of extracting just the bits out and injecting them into the other person’s preference file – but seriously, we are approaching the jackhammer to nail up a newspaper clipping territory.

This specific case aside, I view this whole issue as actually being somewhat desirable When it comes to things like window size, colours, splits, and so on – people can get quite picky about how they work. I can see how an editor would want a different layout and emphasis on data than a writer would. If they are going to change everything around anyway, it doesn’t matter if they start from the default or your settings – and when you get the file back from them, it will still have your settings applied.

That’s true AmberV.

The problem in my case is that I send my editor one Scrivener file with all the stories in it — new stories as well as previously written stories that didn’t make it into the last edition. To differentiate, I label the new docs red. (Tint icons is a wonderful addition, BTW!)

When my editor opens it, all she sees is white (until, of course, she goes up and checks tint icon). It’s a minor, minor thing, I know, but every editing second counts, particularly on press morning, and since she’s not the most tech savvy person it would be a big help if she could just open the doc and go.

I’m trying to convince her to switch the staff to Scriv so every little bit helps, right? :wink:

Now on the case of tinted icons, I do agree with you. This particular preference should be located in the project. I see no logical reason why that should be machine specific.

She only ever needs to do that once, though, so it is hardly a big deal (i.e. not too many editing seconds :slight_smile: ). I have already said that in the future (1.5 - 2.0), certain settings will get moved from the local machine into the project, but this is a big, tedious job, and given that how things work now is the recommended Apple way of doing things, it is low priority.

Actually, this would surprise me. I would not expect that this could work, because the project settings in question are logged in the preference file by the pathname of the project–which is not likely going to be the same on the other machine. So, the Scrivener app on the other machine would never match up the shared project with any of the settings in the shared pref file.

Since for this same reason even changing the name of your project on your own machine (or the name of an enclosing folder) makes Scrivener lose track of your project settings stored in the prefs file, I think the above suggestion will not work.

Has anyone tried this and had it work in real life? Believe me, I would be happy to have my expectations here crushed by the Reality Test!

gr is right, this would not really work, as the preferences rely on the full path of the project.

But again, remember: your editor only ever needs to set this up once. I don’t really see the big deal in a simple click on View > Tint Icons With Label Color. After that, every time you send the file to your editor, he or she just has to overwrite the original file with the new one, and all the preferences - including tints - will be kept.


You are correct, when I posted that I was thinking of how I do things for myself; and I have the same user name on the two machines I use – so it is possible to get things precisely lined up. The only way this could work is if the collaborators or co-workers established a protocol of storing shared projects in the generic “Shared” user directory. Then the entry in the plist file will look like: /Users/Shared/Documents/author-project.scriv on both machines.

You’d have to know our workflow to fully understand, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I agree that this is a minor detail, certainly nothing worth the attention it is getting.

Seems I have a habit of creating dust ups 'round here. First the word count meter, now this. :slight_smile: