Sharing Manuscript

Hello, I hired an editor to edit my manuscript so I had to compile my manuscript as a word doc to email it to him, that worked out great.

But now I’m importing the edited manuscript back into Scrivener, I end up with my original manuscript on Scrivener and a second file from the imported word doc.

It’s like I have two different manuscripts now in this project folder.

The edited manuscript isn’t broken down in chapter folders, etc. like the Scrivener manuscript.

My original project is now out-dated without the changes but it’s much better organized than the word doc I just imported.

Is there a better way of working with subsequent drafts from other folks like editors?

Not sure if there is a better way to share the work.


The best plan would be for you BOTH to use Scrivener and exchange Zipped project files, via Dropbox.

But in my experience, editors won’t adopt new software, so at this point you are stuck with Word.

That’s not so bad if you both have Track Changes on and can easily see revisions.

Scrivener is primarily an idea, structure, and drafting tool.

At some point, usually when dealing with editors, you have to go to a word processor anyway.

Good luck!

You could buy the editor a copy of Scrivener… :bulb:

If editorial changes are relatively minor, I just leave the file in Word from that point.

If they are major, I’ll create a separate sub-folder in Scrivener, put the imported Word file in it, split it into pieces as needed, and go from there.

There is, unfortunately, no way to de-compile a Word file back to the Scrivener project from whence it came. “Import and Split” probably comes closest.


Thanks for the tips/feedback.

Track changes are on so I’ll just work off the word doc now vs scrivener.