sharing materials using scrivener

I want to create and share a storyboard for a documentary using scrivener. I have created my version of the storyboard as “ideas” so they will show up on a corkboard on my computer. How would I save these ideas or index cards so that other people working on the film (who have scrivener) and see them and move them around on the cork board and share the new order with the rest of us? Is there a way that all of us (in different physical locations) could all look at the corkboard at the same time?

Real-time sharing is a strong feature of the Chrome OS or web browser.
You could do this with apps like Prezi or Trello (see the Chrome web store)
Or an extension called Pivotal Tracker Story Board.
All are free, web-based, and easily shared with other Chrome users.

You can distribute the scrivener project file itself that you made. That would not answer to your question about live collaboration, of course.


What format would I save the storyboard (ideas) file in to share it? Do you share by posting on dropbox or something else? Will the folks who download it be able to move the individual ideas or “cards” around and then resave the file and send it back? If anyone has done this before, do you save every version?

If I am using the Pivotal Tracker storyboard, can you move items on the board around?

  1. If you want the others to be able to see the cards in state and also manipulate them in Scrivener, they need access to that Scrivener project file.

  2. Your scrivener project IS a file* on your hard drive. Namely, a .scriv file. Locate your project file on your hard drive. That is the thing you could share with them. (Note: you will be sharing everything that is in that project; if that is not wanted, you would need to set up a new project and drop everything that was to be shared into it and then use that .scriv project file.)

I have shared scriv project files back and forth with others who use Scrivener without any issues (only between Macs though). My usage cases were pretty simple – e.g., no need for live collaboration – so we just emailed the project files between us.


  • Technically speaking, it is a package.

Also, I believe .scriv packages have a lock on them when open, so this would block live collaboration entirely. For example when I leave a scrivener project open at work and then open it at home (it’s stored on Dropbox), I’m told that it’s open elsewhere and it prompts me to create and work from a copy.

Scrivener is just not the right tool for your current purposes.

Short answer is yes, since that’s a part of your collaborative effort. And you may control who in the team is read-only and who gets to read-and-write (move stuff around).

Moreover, you may use Google Talk for live conversations with collaborators, or Google Hangouts for live web chats.

Pivotal Tracker is a project management tool, used by teams working on films or publications. The Story Board extension lets you track the latest iteration of the “story” that you are developing.

If you are new to Chrome, take a look at its Web store and the project management category. That’s essentially what you are doing, and you want an interface that uses a card metaphor for the parts of the project. See especially the Reviews for each product, which are often quite frank about shortcomings.

Most of these products are free and they will save instantly to your files on Google Drive.