Sharing notes between mac and pc

I’m using mac Scrivener 2.0.2 and my friend is using windows Scrivener 1.55. I was thinking that the best way to share notes would be for him use one of the Revision modes and have him add whatever comments he had inside the scrivening.
The windows version doesn’t have Revision modes. He could do something similar by changing the font color but that’s a bit cumbersome. Does anyone have other ideas?

Thank you

A month ago I tested with a friend exchanging Scrivener files between Mac and PC.
Currently, that does not work. Eventually it will, but I’m not sure how soon.
Until that time, it may be best to collaborate via Google Docs or
That way, you can see each other’s comments, queries, and revisions.
But alas, you will not have the great organizing & writing tools of Scrivener.

Thanks for the advice. What parts don’t work? My friend is able to make the color coded changes. Will I not be able to open the file he sends?

Yes, that’s the problem we had.
Even if we zipped the files, we could not open them on the other platform.
Just got a bunch of error messages.

If you could remote share the mac and pc screens, that would help.
I’ve never tried that; see these links for possible help. … 49ec6ea034

I was able to open a scrivener project that was created on pc. I think I had to rename the file extension…