Sharing projects on my 2 computers

I’m a brand new Scrivener user, already loving it. I installed it on my laptop and have begun entering files for my current WIP.

Today I just installed Scrivener on my desktop. I was hoping to be able to work on the same project on both computers. Is there some way to make this happen?

Any help is appreciated.
Rahma :slight_smile:

Yep! A lot of people use a file sharing service like Dropbox or Cubby and keep the project there, accessible to both machines. We have a knowledge base article describing how to do this as well as a few advisories (Google Drive doesn’t work well with Scrivener’s package format, and OneDrive needs some additional set-up to avoid problems), so take a moment to read through that.

You can also just zip the project and copy it from one machine to another, so you don’t need to be sharing via a third-party service or require internet access. File > Back Up > Back Up To… is an easy way to save a zipped copy of the project anywhere you want. If you’re zipping or copying the project directly in Windows Explorer, remember that the project is the entire .scriv folder, not just the “project” file inside it.

Fantastic! Thank you MM. I use Dropbox already so it should be easy, right? :unamused:
Thanks for the direct link to L&L article.
Excited by this news since I like to switch places when writing.

Still having problems with accessing my project on 2nd computer. When I try to open the project on the 2nd one, the folder names never appear in the File box, which it where it needs to be before you can Open it, if that makes sense.
Clicking on a folder just goes deeper into the folder.
I’ve included a screen shot.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The Scrivener project file structure is the same on Windows and Mac, but on Windows it just looks a bit different: you have to open a file, not a folder, in order to edit the project. That file has a .scrivx extension and is located inside the folder with the .scriv extension.

You may find this article useful: … patibility

Hope this helps!

Hi - I have exactly the same problem. I’ve created a project on my PC and saved it/set to backup to my dropbox folder. I’ve got the same setup on my laptop, but when I try to open the project, the project.scrivx file is not there. I have 3 folders: Files; Snapshots; and Settings but no project.scrivx file. Yet it’s there in the PC dropbox.

It’s beyond confusing and frustrating and I haven’t been able to make any writing progress for 2 days (the reason I need this set up is because my PC keeps dying).

Any ideas?


Hi, Bee, and welcome to the forum!

The most likely tip in this case is 3. Do not shut down or sleep your computer before Dropbox finishes uploading, from the aforementioned link: … c-services

You may also try checking if the file exists on the cloud via the Dropbox web browser.

Hope this helps!

Have you tried rebooting the computers recently? Assuming you’re giving sufficient time on each for all the files to complete syncing, and Dropbox is acting like it’s finished, it sounds like an issue with the Dropbox sync freezing, which is sometimes fixable by the reboot. Otherwise emptying the Dropbox cache may do it.