Sharing Scrivner File w/ my editor?

I’ve searched, but have been unable to find a workflow that allows me to share my Scrivner document with my editor. We’re both on Mac, and we both own Scrivner. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d say it’s probably easiest to share the project file like you would pass the .doc file back and forth when using Word. The main difference that you need to be aware of with Scrivener is that its project format is actually a folder with a bunch of files in it, not one single file. So if you intend to pass the project back and forth with e-mail, it is best to compress the project into a zip file. What I like to recommend people do is use the File/Back Up/Back Up To... menu command. That creates a copy of the project (putting it on the Desktop temporarily is fine) and has an option to Zip compress it for you. It also puts a timestamp in the same—which can be very valuable in avoiding confusions over which version is latest.

So just attach that .zip file to an e-mail, then when they get that they can double-click the .zip and a Scrivener project will pop out; double-click on that to open it. When they are done, they can repeat the same steps and send you the updated .zip.

Otherwise the procedure is the same. You’ll probably want to set aside or delete the old copy of the project when you get an updated .zip file—same as if you got a .doc file back, just to avoid the confusion of having twenty copies of the same project floating around on your computer.