I think there maybe a simple solution to my current issue. I’m using various Apps on my iOS device and occasionally I want to ‘share’ information (like a webpage) with Scrivener, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Share’ facility in Scrivener. Am I missing something, or are you limited in what information can be imported?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Stuart Norfolk

Hi, Stuart.

There were several discussions surrounding this in the early days after release. The response from L&L was that there’s no place to stick an ordinary file in Scrivener unless a project is open. Since there’s no way to ensure that a project is open, Scrivener is not available as a share target. Many people find this a bit frustrating :slight_smile: and at last report Keith was trying to wrap his brain around the technical problems, with no result yet.

However, there were also several threads on workarounds for this. Here’s one: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=35347

Hope this helps!

Hi Silverdragon, thanks for your helpful reply. You can import a webpage, albeit manually. I was stumped initially because I use Wikipedia a lot for the research and like to append their references. I started to use Wikipedia’s webpage, and more lately I’ve taken to using the Wikipedia Ap. It works great up until you want to attach a page. The app isn’t particularly useful because it doesn’t give you the URL. However, it does provide this ‘Share’ tool within the app to export the page to various other apps except Scrivener which is a mite frustrating.

I hope Keith, or somebody out there can hear me, but this is my only slight grumble for an app which gets five stars and a big thumbs up from me :slight_smile:



in iOS 10 you can also print a file to PDF in Safari, and send that to Scrivener. Hugely beneficial for my workflow.
Indeed, the project have to be open already, and if you go to the right folder in Scrivener first, it will put the PDF in that folder. It’s a bit non-intuitive to get the Save to PDF thing in Safari: first you have to go to Share, then to Print, then where you see the preview, pinch the preview of the file open, and if you go there to the Share menu, you can send it to other applications as a PDF.
But for me it’s great, because I often save webpages as PDF in research for my projects and doing this on the road is a great capability.

Thank you for your suggestion Sidderke, I knew about this technique but had subsequently forgotten about it. Though it’s not the solution I was ideally looking for as the subject under investigation is Quantum Theory which is always dynamically changing so the ‘ideal’ solution would be a webpage because it is a reference in perpetual development, although it’s a great solution for more static references.

Regards, Stuart

Hi Stuart,

I don’t know how, but the release notes of Scrivener iOS 1.1 say you can import webpages.

Thanks for informing me, but I’d since found out that you could do it anyway.



Thank you!!