Shift-Del Doesn't Seem to Work?

While selecting from the context menu does, shift-del doesn’t move to trash anything from my binder. Guess I can just drag as well but I thought I would note that.

If you’re talking about the Window 3 beta version, that’s because some shortcuts have been changed. I know, it startled me too, and I’m not sure of the reason considering those same keystrokes haven’t been changed to do something else.

Either way, you can change the shortcut back to what you’re used to (I did, including changing back CTRL+K to split documents and F12 for Options) by navigating to File > Options > Keyboard and typing “Move to Trash” into the Filter bar. From there, go down to Key Sequence and type Shift+Del then hit Apply followed by OK, and you’re good to go.

Note that this is part of a larger change to implement keyboard shortcut themes – File, Options, Keyboard. Notice under the “Import…” button you can import Scrivener v1, Scrivener v3, Scrivener for Mac, or from a file.

Also in the current beta manual under Appendix B.7 as “presets.”

Thanks for the info!