Shift focus in iOS

I’ve been using Scrivener iOS on and off since it’s first public beta, always as a short time substitute for the desktop version, and been very happy with it. This is the first time that I, forced by circumstances has been using it for days for my principal writing. Still very happy. I’m using an external keyboard, and have found that there are enough shortcuts to make my writing experience on my iPad just as smooth as on my MacBook.

One little thing bothers me though. I haven’t found a keyboard shortcut to shift focus from the binder to the editor (or vice versa). Is there a way to shift the focus to the editor and start writing, without touching the iPad screen?

I wonder about the exact same thing! If you find the solution, please share:)
I also struggle to find the shortcut for document fullscreen.
Anyone have an idea?

I would love a keyboard shortcut for shifting the focus between the Editor and the Binder.