Shifting shortcuts in composition mode

I am currently using the latest beta version of Scrivener, but this bug appeared in the last stable build (it’s taken me this long to work out exactly what is going on).

The bug:
When working in composition mode the shortcut for “Find by Formatting…” changes. On my system, “Find by formatting…” does not have a shortcut in windowed mode. However, in composition mode that shortcut changes to control+option+command+F - slightly annoying as this was my shortcut for entering (and exiting) composition mode. It’s rather difficult to customize keyboard shortcuts if they change with each viewing mode, so this shouldn’t be expected behaviour.

This isn’t really a bug. The Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-F shortcut is the default shortcut for Find by Formatting, and you’ve hijacked it from that to apply to Enter Composition Mode. That’s fine, but then when you’re in Composition Mode, the “Enter Composition Mode” command changes to be “Exit Composition Mode”, and you need to set the shortcut for that, also. Since you haven’t, that’s using the default Opt-Cmd-F shortcut and the Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-F shortcut is back to its default Find by Formatting.

To fix it, just go to the System Preferences and add Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-F as a Scrivener shortcut for Exit Composition Mode.

You’re right. I made the change to “Exit Composition Mode” and all is well. I don’t understand why this didn’t happen until 2.4.1. I’d been using the same shortcut for composition mode for so long, I thought it was the default setting before I checked keyboard shortcuts. Anyhow, thank you for your help!