Short-cut for quick-reference window from outline?

I haven’t been able to find this function, but it seems like something that should be possible in scrivener already… Is there a way to open a quick reference window when you have a document selected in the outline mode? Right-clicking, and tapping the space bar don’t work, and I don’t see any menu options under “Quick Reference” for opening the currently selected document when the focus is on one in the outline.


You can set the spacebar to open the document as a QR under the Navigation tab in Preferences; if you prefer to have that set to open the document in the editor, you can assign your own keyboard shortcut to “as QuickReference” (from the Documents>Open menu) in system prefs.

Excellent! Thanks for pointing that out. I rely heavily on the Help->Search function to find things in the menus, and hadn’t found what I was looking for through that, even though I might have if I’d examined all of the results of “quick”. Now to find a good keyboard short-cut that won’t interfere with LaunchBar, but is similar enough to quicklook that I’ll remember it the next time I need it.

Thanks again!

Is this instruction different with the Windows beta? I cannot follow it … there’s no “preferences”, the “files>options” window doesn’t have a “navigation” tab, the navigation section of the “keyboard” tab ( shortcuts ) has no option for quick references ( nor does any other section ), and I cannot see any other way to achieve it.

Yes, all of this is different in Windows, as Preferences is a Mac thing - this is the macOS forum. :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t help me even slightly … yes I know this is the Mac forum, but there was no similar article in the Windows forum anywhere, and you haven’t answered the question … the instruction tutorial FOR WINDOWS says to use the spacebar EXACTLY THE SAME as it is for Mac, therefore something is not working in the Windows beta, OR the design of the windows beta is not clear enough.

Asking Windows-related questions in the Mac forums won’t get you any help, since everyone here uses the Mac version. I haven’t answered the question because I don’t KNOW the answer - I’m the Mac developer. You need to ask in the Windows forums to get help with the Windows version. This isn’t an article - it’s a question by a user in the Mac forum. You can ask a similar question in the Windows forum - there doesn’t need to be a similar thread already set up. If you think there is a bug with this in the beta, then please post about it in the Windows beta forums so that the Windows team can follow it up.

The options aren’t yet implemented in the Windows beta. You can use the accelerator keys to do this, though: Alt, N, O, Q.

Searching or posting in the Windowd beta forum will probably help you more, as users frequenting that are more familiar with the beta (whereas a lot of people in the Mac tech support forum will only be able to point you to how an option works on Mac, which may be different from Windows).