short cuts/editing

Is there a short cut to select all highlighted text?

Also is there an automated way to back to the the last insertion point of your curser. When I cut something and want to paste it into the last place I left, I find it difficult sometimes to find it especially if I’m working on a long document…any help on both of these question would be appreciated !

Thanks so mcuh

I am wondering why no one responded to my original post

Hi, sorry, I guess maybe because the answer is “no” to both. :slight_smile: No, there’s no way to select all highlighted text, and there is no way to jump back to the last insertion point - the text system only ever knows about your current insertion point.

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Though on that second one, you can set a quick bookmark (Shift-Cmd-B), go wherever you need to go, and when you are ready to return, click on the icon in the editor header bar (next to the title), and from the Bookmarks menu select the spot you saved.

You could also try using split a split editor for this, with the same document loaded in each split. Cut in the one and paste in the other–that way your insertion point in each editor will be remembered. You won’t even have to scroll to go back. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much !