short cuts

Dear All,

I have a question: When I´m in the editor and want to change the font size, is there a way to do it without the drop-down-menu? I mean, if I want to have words in italic, I can use “ctrl + I”. I´m searching for such an keyboard shortcut for the size of the font.

Hope you understand what I mean, can´t express right in English today :smiley:.

Thanks, Sarah

There’s not a short cut for this presently, but the next beta (out within the week) will have a keyboard shortcut for “bigger” and “smaller”. You can add those as buttons to the format bar now if you want, under Edit>Edit Toolbars… but I don’t know if that’s really much more convenient than just using the drop-down menu to get the exact size.

Dear MM,

okay, thanks :smiley:. I think, I will like the new short cut in the next beta.