*Short* Laser Printer Recommendation?

I have a Canon PIXMA IP4200 that is randomly failing and costing me a fortune in ink, so I want to shift to a B&W laser printer.

I have done a bit of searching (and read the last 2 posts here), but unfortunately I am hitting the same two problems that made me choose the IP4200 in the first place:

  1. I want automatic duplex printing.
  2. My desk has a drawer in it made specially for printers. Unfortunately, it was made at a time when printers were a little smaller and lasers unheard of for a home environment. The size of the drawer is 460mm (W) x 410mm (D) x 230mm (H). I have no problem finding printers to match the first two. But I am yet to come across a laser printer that does duplex, and is that short.

So if anyone has a good quality B&W laser that fits those dimensions, please let me know.

I would have liked to get a Brother HL5250DN, but at 246mm height, it just won’t fit in my drawer, and I don’t want to have a giant printer filling half of my already crowded desk (nor do I have anywhere else to put it out of the way). None of the others I have found within those dimensions do duplex.


The cheapest laser printer I had was the one at work.
Get in early, make coffee, look efficient printing loads of stuff.
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I would go with that option but unfortunately:

  1. My company has decided to save me about $120 per week in petrol and tolls, by allowing me to work from home most days per week;

  2. I usually don’t know in advance when I need to print something, and even when I do, I am usually working on said something right up until the deadline.

  3. The printer at work doesn’t even have duplex anyway; and I like to save trees, prefer to work with duplex anyway (I put loose pages in a binder), and really can’t be bothered with the manual print odd-pages, turn them over and print even-pages option, because invariably the printer sucks up 2 pages at once and then the alignment is thrown out from then on.


I can thoroughly recommend Kyocera printers, which I have found to be extremely reliable and very economical. I use a Kyocera FS1020D, which they don’t seem to make any more, but there is a FS-1030D
(see kyoceramita.com). I’m not sure about the size - you would need to check it out, but it is pretty compact. When I originally installed the printer, I had a little trouble with the driver, but their support was excellent and got me going very quickly.

(I have no connection with Kyocera - just a satisfied user).