Short lines hiding after copy/paste from Word[BUG LOGGED]

So this is a weird one. I wrote a pile of text in word before I could get to Scrivener today. Some of that text included dialogue in short sentences, eg:

“Oh my god!”
“No way?”
“Yes, way!”
“It can’t be…”

And so on. There were several spots where this kind of format happened in my text.

-I started a new document under ‘draft’ in Scrivener
-copy pasted all of my text over
-did some editing at the bottom of my draft (which includes some significant scrolling down)
-then clicked over to the forums to post about how awesome you all are.
-When I clicked back to Scrivenener I did so in the blank space below ‘trash’ which, as it’s been previously reported, blanks out the main editor.
-I clicked on my text file (so now my scrolly bar defaults to the top of my document)
-I scrolled down in an effort to find my place and noticed that much of the above referenced dialogue spurts were missing.

At first I thought my copy-paste had gone awry but wait:

-when I put my curser at the last word before the dialogue dissapears
-I can arrow to the right and the curser will vanish.
-Once vanished I hit the backspace and…
-LO! a line of missing text reappeared (now on the wrong line, but hey, it hasn’t been deleted, right?)

So, I imagine this has something to do with copy-past from Word being nasty. I have Windows XP Pro SP 2 running with Microsoft Office Pro Edi. 2003.

It only happened with small single-lines of dialogue. The first short line of dialogue was there, but subsequent short lines are hiding. The next paragraph of full text (that is long enough to wrap to the next line) seems to revert back to regular display. I use this dialogue technique a few times in my text and it happened at every section.

EDIT: Possibly related: altocumulous just posted something in his/her thread that sounds very similar.