Short Story View Width?

Hello, help me from pulling my hair out!
I am in short story format. How do I widen the editor so the page is not so narrow vertically? I want the page edges to be stretched to the binder and inspector panes like in a novel format. No amount of resizing the font or zooming and zooming out via the % allows this, it all happens within the too narrow page. The page itself stays narrow. It seems counter productive to copy everything over to novel format when writing a short story. But visually the skinny vertical page keeps me from getting into a flow.
Is this possible? Thank you in advance.

Turn off page view ?
(Windows version) : View / Text editing / Page view

In which case, you’ll most probably want to adjust page size in Page setup at some point.

You can hide the Inspector and/or Binder or you can go to Composition mode. Either way, I’d definitely turn off page view and the fixed-width editor setting in Preferences. (See attachments.)