Short texts - Page break

I’m writing a Kindle e-book that is a collection of hundreds of short jokes.

How can I force a page break after each joke without having to create hundreds of documents?

Insert > Break > Page Break


On my Mac it’s

Insert > Page Break

and it worked! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Silly me, I tried that before, but since I didn’t see any sign, I didn’t test it. One has to turn on invisibles to see it.

Hmmm. Make it “Turn On the Invisibles” and it may fit as the title for a short story I’m working on.
May have to use it.
Thank you.

Is it really easier to insert page breaks rather than hitting the CMD-K shortcut to split files at the cursor’s position?

It’s not about being easier. In my case, the TOC of my book would have hundreds of entries.

Note that the Kindle ToC is based on “section breaks.” So you may get a ToC entry anyway if Amazon’s software – which is out of our control – decides to treat your page breaks as such. I would test this before you insert hundreds of manual page breaks.

In Scrivener’s ToC, you can do whatever you want, but the “menu” that you see in the Kindle software is not created by us.


Katherine, you were right. I just tested page breaks on the Kindle Previewer and it did created new entries in my ToC.

So, it’s not a solution.