Shortcut for Changing Paragraph Indent Not Working

I used to be able to change the paragraph indent from no indent to 0.5 indent by using a shortcut. I would change it by pressing CONTROL + OPTION + COMMAND + (the left or right arrow) and the first line indent marker would move. For some reason, it now does not work. Have I messed with a setting that is affecting this shortcut? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I had the same problem some time ago. Another app highjacked the shortcut (globally).

Did you ever figure out how to resolve it?

Yes, the culprit was “Magnet” (a window management utility), which by default uses the same shortcuts for moving windows to others displays. Did you install something like that?

If yes, the solution is: Assign some other shortcuts in this app. Or none, if you don’t need the feature.

Wow, I am so grateful to you. I had Magnet installed. I just deleted it because I don’t need it and restarted my computer. Problem solved.

Thank you!

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