shortcut for "Comments & Footnotes" not working

I’m baffled by this problem. I’ve started using the Inspector’s Comments & Footnotes panel to write comments to myself. However, the Control-Option-Command-L shortcut does not work, nor make a sound indicating an error. The parallel shortcuts for the Custom Meta-Data (Control-Option-Command-M) and Snapshot (Control-Option-Command-K) do work.

Any ideas?

My guess would be some other software has claimed this shortcut universally. It’s usually easiest to just close everything except for Scrivener and Finder (even including the stuff in the menu bar like Dropbox), check to see if the shortcut works as intended, and then gradually start adding programs you regularly use, starting with the things in the System Preferences : Users & Groups : Login Items pane. After launching one, test again, if it works, move on to the next.

Ah, that makes more sense. I thought it strange that no one else seemed to have that problem. I’ll give it a try.