Shortcut for help in fullscreen mode

I have a horrible suspicion this is an obvious question which may well have been asked before (but the search terms ‘help’, ‘shortcut’ etc, return too many extraneous results to be sure.
The shortcut command for ‘help’ in Scrivener is Shift-cmd-?. This works fine. Except when I am in Lion’s fullscreen mode. Then - nothing. Shift-cmd-h, for example, to highlight something, will work in this mode, but not the help option.
Is this a Lion thing, a Scrivener thing or am I missing something? Is there a workaround?


This does seem to be a Lion thing - I just tried it in Pages and iPhoto and it’s the same there, too (which makes sense as the Help shortcut is a system-wide thing and not part of Scrivener itself). It seems that you first have to move the cursor to the top of the screen to show the menu, then the shortcut will work.

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Thanks - and darn.
The whole point of shortcuts is not to have to reach the fingers FROM the keyboard - even if is just a few centimetres to a trackpad or mouse :exclamation:

Well you could esc, cmd-sht-?

, == pause

Not sure you like dropping from full screen mode though.

lol, yes I could, true.

Bit circuitous though. Wonder why they set Lion up like that?

Anyone who uses fullscreen mode is so skilled they won’t ever need help???

A Mac mystery.

What about Ctrl-F2?

That does seem to work - if you hit that, it brings up the menu, and then you can hit shift-cmd-?. It’s requires two shortcuts instead of one, so this still seems like a Lion bug to me, but hopefully that’s a good workaround for the op.

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There are no bugs in apple products. How dare you!?!?

If you don’t get it, don’t reply.

iReply ∴ iGeddit



Thanks for the tip.

But yes, still a bug :laughing:

I thought that the moron was pretty clear the first time.

Actually i could provide extensive “user study” that prove the point that this is not a bug, but at the end of the day we are talking opinion. Just like that the moron I quoted has an opinion that is largely invalid, all opinions are largely invalid unless all participants choose to be of the same opinion.

And as I recently heard from a highly opinionated old man, I have recently learned that his opinions are clearly of the “his own” while simultaneously learning that his wonderful truism that I am about to quote is not an original, {quote+“curmudgeon”]Opinions are like butts, every one has them. Some are cute. Some are large. Some large. Most of them stink. Just mind yours and wipe it clean so you don’t offend others.
Call it a bug if you will. I don’t think your opinion is necessarily invalid from a general view (not a cure butt that will get vic-k’s attention not a fat one that makes me look like I am in shape). From a UI design view, it really isn’t a bug.

The descent of this thread into chaos and darkness illustrates why it’s difficult to filter a board forum in strictly topical terms. I’ve just experimented with Google Reader to see if I could set up a Literature and Latte feed and then create a sub-feed for Scrivener and Mac OS X. Although that major topic has four sub-topics, each with a URL, I can’t make G Reader see those URLs as feeds.

The only way I now see for Jaysen, or any of us, to get an exclusively Mac view of the L/L forum is to create a nested set of bookmarks:

Scrivener for Mac OS X: viewforum.php?f=28
Technical Support (Mac): viewforum.php?f=2
Feedback (Mac): viewforum.php?f=5
Bug Hunt (Mac): viewforum.php?f=3
Beta Testing (Mac): viewforum.php?f=17

However, that might be of some help. Anyone have better ideas?

Yes, but that would involve a bit for work for the L&L server admin team. The who? Exactly. That’s the problem.

That or I need to get off my lazy seat padding and write code again. I don’t like UI work so anything I come up with would only be close enough to work to prevent me from being a complete jerk all the time.

now avgorranedache!! :frowning:

In Automator there’s an Internet workflow called Get Feeds from URLs, but I am not experienced enough to build something with that.

That expects RSS style feeds last time I actually looked at it.

As much as I hate to say it the only real options for those of us who are … well like us … is to just deal with it.


Good advice for life, not just the forums.

Are you sure you haven’t been using your head?

Yep. Recently tried using it as a mallet: been banging it repeatedly on the desk while trying to submit my thesis.

So you are using. The desk needed softening.