Shortcut for inserting a link?


Is there a Shortcut for inserting a link?
Also, are there headings? I could not find them in the documentation.


You can make a shortcut for just about any menu item. It’s explained in the Scrivener User Manual (use Help -> Scrivener Manual), Chapter 28, page 424.

Just to clarify, are you using Windows or a Mac? You’re posting in the Mac section of the forum, and wrk3’s advice will be accurate for that platform. However I noticed your profile tag is set to Windows. If you are on a PC, you can modify shortcuts in Windows (go to Tools/Options... and click on the Keyboard icon), but unfortunately not all of the menu items have been added to this tool yet, and customising the link menu commands fall within that segment.

As for your second question, what are you looking to do with headings (and what do you mean by the term, since that can be used to describe a few different things)? Scrivener does support the generation of sectional headers, and page headers & footers, but I need more info to help you further.

Thanks Amber,
I’m currently on Linux.
By headings I meant section headings (h1, h2…), not heading and footer.

Okay, I’ve moved this thread to the Windows section.

The Formatting compile option pane can be used to create headings based upon the names of items in the binder, or even whole cloth using the prefix and suffix fields, to make chapter names like “Chapter 21”. This is all in the user manual under 22.8 (pg. 188).

Thanks AmberV again, that solves my headings problem.
Still, I don’t see any way to have clickable links, nor to insert them.
This is very surprising. I’m using scrivener as a notetaker… a bit departed from its natural use. But still :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean? Links should be just fine. If you select some text and right-click on it, do you not get a “Scrivener Link” menu that you can use to create a link to a particular item?

Not an scrivener link, a normal http link like God intended :slight_smile:
Gdocs, word, etc all have such shortcut.

Edit > Link… should do it. Unfortunately no way to do it with a shortcut, but being able to assign a shortcut to any menu item is on the cards for a future update.

And as always, menu accelerators do make life better. Alt-,e,n creates a protocol link (http being one of the choices).

Has this been implemented yet?

A shortcut for adding URL links is the most basic of features…

Researching is CRIPPLED in Scrivener without it…Thanks!

There’s no direct shortcut yet (as of Windows v., but Alt+E, N is pretty fast.