Shortcut for "Mark Revised" stops functioning

I have no idea whether this problem is in Scrivener 3.0.3 code or High Sierra 10.13.6 code—but bug it most definitely is, and an annoying little devil, too.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up a shortcut in System Preferences for the menu item Format > Revision Mode > Mark Revised . (I used F3.)
  2. Turn on Revision Mode, select some text, and mark it revised by using the shortcut. As expected, the text is marked with the revision colour.
  3. Use the shortcut a second time on the (already marked) text. As expected, since the menu item has changed to “Remove current revision color”, nothing happens and the system produces a beep.
  4. Select some different, unmarked text. Use the shortcut a third time.

Expected behaviour: As the menu item has returned to “Mark Revised” (and I can even see the shortcut “F3” beside it in the menu) I expect that the unmarked text will be marked with the revision colour.

Actual behaviour: The text is unchanged and the system produces a beep, as if the menu item weren’t there. The text can still be marked with the revision colour by means of the menu item. The only way to restore the shortcut to functionality I have found is to quit and restart Scrivener.

Has anyone any suggestion for a workaround?

The reason this isn’t working is that you have not assigned the same shortcut to “Remove Current Revision Color” - you need to do that to get it working since it is a toggle.

The thing to know here is that menu titles are only updated lazily - that’s just how they work on macOS. When the user opens a menu, Scrivener receives a “menu needs update” message, at which point it will update the title. It may also receive this message as a keyboard shortcut is invoked. So there is no surefire way of knowing what the title is in that menu until you open it. The times when it is not working for you are because it is still set as “Remove Current Revision Color” and has not yet been updated.

The fix, then, is just to apply the same shortcut for “Remove Current Revision Color” so that you can use it as a toggle.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith! I don’t use keyboard shortcuts much, particularly not custom ones, so I appreciate the help.