shortcut for multiple commands

Is it possible to have a single shortcut for a sequence of commands (“make bold” and “make italic” and “color text”)?

Although the answer to your broader question is no (you would need a third-party macro utility for that kind of thing, AutoHotKey gets good reviews), specifically you can group formatting commands together, which is what a formatting preset is essentially. We have a few built-in examples, but feel free to make your own with the Format/Formatting sub-menu. It’s not a hotkey, but that pull-down to the left of the font name in the format bar gives you easy access to the preset list.

In fact we can use accelerator keys in the naming of our formatting presets. This merely requires placing an ampersand before the desired character. So if we made a preset called &Moderator we could apply it to text via

Format > Formatting > Apply Preset > Moderator

or keyboard sequence Alt-r r a m

thereby satisfying the inquiry, at least as it relates to formatting.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks! I always forget about those until I’m sitting at a PC and then they are second nature. :slight_smile: