Shortcut for non-breaking space

I don’t understand how to use the keyboard shortcut given in the Edit->Insert menu for non-breaking space. It says ‘Ctrl+G, W’, does that mean I should hold down Ctrl and G, release and press W or what?

I’ve tried several combinations without luck.

Hmm, I hadn’t noticed this feature before, but I just tried it out and it does work for me. I hold down Ctrl and press G while holding it, then release Ctrl and press W. This inserts a non-breaking space. Of course it just looks like a space, but it does in fact refuse to break at the end of a line.

Aa, yes, I think I got it now! I must have missed out on releasing the CTRL button or something else stupid, thanks for the guidance!


Glad to help. I thought I’d cornered the market on stupid, so no problem! :slight_smile: