Shortcut for switching to document?

I prefer using the keyboard as far as possible, but I can’t figure out one important shortcut. When I am navigating in the binder with the arrow buttons and have reached the desired document, what shortcut do I use to jump to the document text to start writing (and vice versa, jump from text to binder)?

I can’t seem to find it in the shortcut pdf in the resource folder either.

I tried the Tab key, and I certainly left the binder, but I don’t know where I ended up.

I think these shortcuts are still being thought out, but my spreadsheet might be a little out of date (hopefully someone will jump in with more information if I am indeed out of date). The desire is to have the interface as navigable as the Mac version, which is quite extensive—you can focus on practically anything you can see with direct shortcuts, or cycle through Binder-SplitA-SplitB with a Ctrl-Tab key. However the challenge is that the Mac has more modifier keys, so it’s difficult to achieve parity on this ground. Fortunately Windows has what the Mac doesn’t: easily navigable menus. So that can shift the priority for some of the shortcuts which would have been for functions, to things which aren’t considered functions, like interface navigation, and leave those functions for Alt-x-y-z sequences.

Anyway, rambling aside, at the very least I should hope there is a cycle shortcut for the main circuit, even if it won’t be realistic to get all nine (twelve, if you count some of the inspector mode flippers) shortcuts over from the Mac for point-to-point navigation.

I’m looking forward to this particular shortcut, then. Ctrl-Tab sounds like an excellent idea since there are no mdi child windows (like in Excel, and old Word verisons) for which this key combo is usually used.

That is true. I had been assuming that it would be used to flip between open projects, but it might be this isn’t feasible. In a way, the project window is a bit like a tightly integrated MDI, so this shortcut wouldn’t be too bizarre.