shortcut from binder to to editor

Sounds silly, I have been searching in help and forums but probably not properly.
Here is my problem.
I just created a new item in the binder. Now I want to start editing this new item in the editor without using the mouse - using the keyboard only. I tried cmd-alt-O. It makes an “errror sound”. Nothing else. I can’t start typing. I am not in the editor yet.
I tried cmd-E, or alt-E, or ctrl-E. To no avail.
Thanks for help.

Hit tab. There you go.

You can get to the Editor from anywhere in the interface with Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-E. Sounds convoluted, but its just all three of the bottom buttons, pretty easy to press. With likewise set of keys in conjunction with B will access the binder; U for the Synopsis card (opening the Inspector if necessary), and I for Notes. Additionally, when working with splits R will access whichever split was opened second.

thanks. Sounds great.

Actually, for Notes, Document References, or Keywords, whichever happened to be open last. (They share a window.)